Minimizing your company's work load.

We support our core expertise in engineering verification, machining, fabrication, and assembly, with a wide range of added-value contracted services that can make your life easier. You will save money and speed up your own operations in the long run, by receiving the parts we build as ready as possible for your rapid completion.



Stress Relieving

Sand Blasting

Heat Treating

Sheet Metal Parts

Painting & Other Finishes

Critical scheduling for your critical needs.

Under the Partnership Initiatives established by J&C president Tom Klimchak, we go the extra mile necessary to have your parts completed and delivered on time, according to prearranged mutually agreed upon deadlines. There are many things we can do to help assure your deliveries are on time. That is why we discuss your needs and your expectations thoroughly before accepting your work.

Expert design verification assurance.

With more than 280 years of combined experience in engineering, machining, fabrication, and assembly, our expert staff is able to spot engineering or drawing problems in customers' blueprints, before and during production. At J&C, every staff member is empowered to halt production the moment a problem is suspected, so we can alert you and remedy the issue. It's another way we have your back when it counts the most.