J&C has a distinguished customer satisfaction record.

Our 17,000 square foot facility, with 20 ton lifting capacity and 18 feet under the hook, enables us to meet your needs for complex projects that require precise machining, on-spec fabrication, and intelligent assemblies. Because our expert team of dedicated engineers, machinists, fabricators, and assemblers combines highly professional skills and unwavering commitment to our partnership promise, you can count on J&C to have your back when it counts the most.

Our equipment list tells only part of the story. How we use this equipment to meet your specifications and exceed your expectations makes all the difference in the world.

From inception in 1973, our partnership assurance initiatives have set the client-care bar very high.

For more than four decades, we have helped clients in the steel, automotive, machine-building, and construction industries meet the needs of their customers. We can provide outstanding new product fabrication, machining, and assembly for many industries, as well as repair services for steel components.

In the end, machines don’t make or repair parts…people do. And expert, talented people do it better.

Your Expert, Talented J&C Team Can Provide Machining, Fabrication, Assembly, & More:

· Engineering verification
· Heat treating
· Forming
· Stress relieving
· Sandblasting
· Grinding
· Sheet metal parts
· Painting and other finishes

Engineering Verification Can Save You Time, False Starts and Money, While Ensuring Better Outcomes.

"We have participated in clients' design meetings to add the fabrication and machining perspective. Doing this early enough to enable the verification of your design before manufacturing begins may lower the P.O. value for J&C, but it increases our partnership value. It's one more way that J&C has your back."

- Thomas Klimchak, President